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Chas Baker's Gallery
Chas Church Porch
Girl Umbrella and Ladybird
Japanese Shrine
Shinto Shrine
Knights of Honour
Joan of Arc
Lady with Parasole 
Model 1870
Leopard and Gazel
Nellie Dean
Nellie Dean
Silhouette of a Lady
One Swallow
Chas Bakers Village in frame
This picture was his third marquetry work and is
one that Chas is rightly proud of. It not only
won the highest of awards in it's native Britain,
but also won a "first" in Canada.
We have to thank Chas for his permission to
include the picture on this web site.
We hope you enjoy the picture as much as
we do at the RMG.

Click the picture to see a more detailed
view of it