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January 2024

Redbridge Marquetry Group Return To Our Rooms

Well, we returned to our rooms in mid January. If you would like to visit us we would be more than happy to see you. We will bring you more information once the full group has got back together and picked up where we left off. See you soon.

June 2023

Our Award Winners at the 2023 International Marquetry Exhibition

The recent International Marquetry Exhibition saw our Redbridge Marquetry Group win more awards to go in their trophy cabinet. Well done us!

Do enjoy these samples of our award winners.

Our award winners

An Inter-Group Competition Revisited

We had an inter group competition a little while back which was rather enjoyable. It was held at a time a fair few moons before this covid thing came upon us. Since then we have not been able to meet in person - only online. But in memory of better times, click the link on the right to enjoy a wonderful evening again.

Inter Group Competition
August 2020

Redbridge Marquetry Group & Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on normal life we have had to cease our usual Wednesday evening meetings until we are given the all clear to return. So if you was thinking of visiting us, please wait until we announce our return in these pages. Thanks for your understanding.

Nonetheless we have been keeping the group together by changing our regular Wednesday evening meeting to a virtual one by utilising the facilities of the ever popular Zoom. We usually get around 50 to 60% of our membership participating, which is working great to keep the comradeship fully intact. As soon as the Goverment allows we look forward to returning to our rooms. Keep watching this space for more information as it happens.


February 2020

Tom's Writing Slope Repair & Restoration

Our Tom is a true genius when it comes to repair work on such things as a poor old writing slope which has seen better days. Tom is a perfectionist who takes care and his time with such projects. As the restoration job progresses, we will bring you more photos as the restoration proceeds. Click the link on the right to see the second part of this restoration project.


Toms writing slope repair
September 2019

Our Latest Redbridge Marquetry Group Gallery

At last we have assembled a gallery of our recent wotk (well, five years or so to be honest) but we thought you may like to see some of the Redbridge Group output which we hope will please you.

Just click the link on the right to enjoy our new gallery. Inparticluar check out William (Bill's) Box's spalted maple dish, it is a truly beautiful piece of work. Spalted maple is a wonderfully decorative piece of wood. Do check it out, it is really nice.

Our Latest Gallery
August 2019

Our Redbridge Marquetry Group Beginners

Although we show you a page or two of our beginners at the Redbridge Marquetry Group on this website, it was brought to my attention that these "beginners" have moved on a bit since those photos were taken!

I have to admit that is too true; when I checked I found these were taken in 2008, which is a few years ago now. Ron Smith in particular has proved to be a champion marquetarian who is making some really incredible marquetry pieces. We will have to show you some on this website

one day soon. Those beginners are top level marquetarians these days.

Our Beginners
June 2019

2019 International Marquetry Exhibition

The gallery from the 2019 International Marquetry Exhibition has yet to be launched on the Marquetry Society website. Usually this is on the 1st September update.

In the meantime see these first examples of our Redbridge Marquetry Group award winning exhibits, click the link on the right to see and enjoy them.

Do enjoy these samples of our award winners.

Our 2019 award winners

The Redbridge Marquetry Group Today

We have at last updated our Meet the Group pages with photos of today's group, which were taken by world renown and highly respected artist Karen Russo.

Karen is well known for her outstanding photography and art work, just check the photos to see the high quality of Karen's work. To see the latest set of photos just click the link on the right >>>


Meet Today's Group Page 3

The Redbridge Marquetry Group at Thames Chase

We had a very successful marquetry demonstration and exhibition at Thames Chase Country Park in the latter end of 2018.

To read more about it just click the link on the right >>>

RMG at Thames Chase
June 2018

Page 1 of our 2018 National Exhibition Exhibits

We had quite a few award winning entries in the 2018 National Exhibition.

Click the link on the right to see the Redbridge Marquetry Group's wonderful exhibits.  If they inspire you, then why not come along to one of our regular Wednesday meetings and see and learn for yourself how to make similar pieces of superb wood inlay art.


Award Winners 2018

Our Membership Data Protection Policy

We are always very concerned to protect the information we have on record concerning our group's membership in either digital or written format. We do have a policy covering this subject on our website. To read it just click the link on the right >>>

Data Policy

International Marquetry Exhibition 2017

We did well in the 2017 International Marquetry Exhibition. Out of the 12 British groups, the Redbridge Group came fourth in the competitive classes. Our junior member Sundas scooped the first and second in her class - a wonderful result. The two other winners, Lesley Ross and Alan Mansfield also did very well in their respective classes.


Click the link on the right to see our award winning pictures >>>

Award Winners

Alf Murtell

We lost a very good member of the Redbridge Marquetry Group in March of this year

Our President Alf Murtell passed away after a short illness aged 97 years. Alf will be sadly missed by all of us at the Redbridge Marquetry Group. To read more about Alf, click the link on the right >>

Alf Murtell

Marquetry Tutorial Film Shows

We have recently introduced a new feature to our regular Wednesday Group meetings, and that is to run the Peter White series of Marquetry tutorial DVDs on the big screen for our beginners (and seasoned marquetarians) to benefit from the teachings of an acknowledged marquetry master.


Click the link on the right to read more about it >>>

Film Show

Capital Crispin Veneers

Our editorial team recently visited Capital Crispin Veneers in order to prepare materail for a forthcoimng series about veneer suppliers for the Marquetry Society magazine The Marquetarian. To read about it click the link on the right >>

Capital Crispin Veneers

Chairman Roy Murton retires

Roy Murton who has been our highly respected Chairman at the Redbridge Marquetry Group for nearly the past 30 years has sadly had to step down from the post and retire from marquetry. Roy oversaw the RMG go from success to success under his guidance. To read more click the link on the right >>

Roy Murton

Bill Box - A First Place Winner

Bill Box won a first place at the recent inter-group competition held at Harrow. It was a strongly contested event but Bill won through and secured a first place in class for Redbridge. So well done Bill, we all heartily congratulate you. To read more click the link >>

Bill Box
January 2016

Redbridge Marquetry Group Meetings

We meet at 7.00pm every Wednesday evening, except for major holiday breaks such as Christmas. We no longer take a summer break, our classes are available all the way through the summer period. If you fancy trying your hand at a new form of art - why not give marquetry a try?

Do come along and see us when we are in attendance in our rooms, we would very much like to meet you and introduce you to the enjoyment of marquetry.



Horrie Pedder - Master Marquetarian

A new feature for our website is the introduction to Master Marquetarian's of the past. Redbridge has seen many notable marquetarians over the years and we thought it a good idea to bring these innovators to your attention.

We start this series with marquetarian of note - no other than the actual innovator of the Portraiture in Marquetry award himself - the legendary Horrie Pedder. Click link for more >>

Horrie Pedder

Susan Bart Marquetry Exhibition

Redbridge Marquetry Group affiliated member Susan Bart held a wonderful exhibition of her work at top level Skylark Art Gallery loacted on London's famous South Bank.

Susan's exhibition has helped to bring marquetry into the mainstream art movement alongside more conventional art forms. Let's kope to see lots more of such things. Click link for more >>

Susan Bart 2015

Redbridge Gets First in 2015 International Marquetry Exhibition

Redbridge Marquetry Group achieved the highest award in the Marquetry World at the recent International Marquetry Exhibition held at historic Ingatestone Hall..

Not only did we get awarded the Silver Rosebowl Cup for best example of marquetry in the exhibition, but Redbridge Group member Barry Brown also acquired two Highly Commended  awards as well to add to our overall award total.

Marquetry in Redbridge has certainly moved up to a higher level. Click the link on the right to read more about it >>


2015 Dovecote Galleries Exhibition

We will be exhibiting again at the Dovecote Gallery, Valentines Mansion, Redbridge from mid August through to September this year.

To see examples of our exquisite marquetry work alongside the art exhibits of the Redbridge Art Association, please do come and visit the Dovecote Gallery.

We will be more than pleased to meet you there.


Charlie "Chas" Baker

We lost one of our most respected Redbridge Marquetry Group members earlier this year.

It was the fellow who had a good word for everyone, the much missed Chas Baker. Click the link on the right to read our tribute to Chas:

Chas Baker

Redbridge Marquetry Group in its New Rooms

We have settled nicely into our new premises - and to show you how well we have fitted into our new location we have a few snaps of our group at work on one recent Wednesday evening. Just click the 'Photos' link on the right..

Do come along and see us when we are in attendance in our rooms, we would very much like to meet you and introduce you to the enjoyment of marquetry.



Marquetry Tuition for Beginners

Our sponsored marquetry course has now concluded, but we are always pleased to see new people come along and try their hand at marquetry. Just pop in on any Wednesday and introduce yourself, we will be very pleased to see you

We always have tutors on hand to guide you through the process of making your first marquetry picture, or if you are already practised at marquetry, helping you to achieve premier status.  

No prior knowledge of marquetry is required. Experienced instructors will guide you through all stages of producing first class marquetry.
We will be meeting at Redbridge Social Centre, Rear of 188/190 Beehive Lane, Ilford, Essex. IG4 5EE.

We know you will find marquetry to be a fascinating and absorbing branch of art which will enable you to make pictures and designs from wood veneers instead of using the more common paint methods. After a few weeks of tuition you could even be trying your hand at country scenes and attractive animal pictures. 

Phone Roy Murton 020 855 46546 or David Walker 020 892 49917 for more details and / or a brochure.


David Walker Wins Top Award at 2013 International Exhibition

David Walker of our Redbridge Marquetry Group recently won a Highly Commended award at the 2013 International Marquetry Exhibition.

David's magnificent piece entitled "A Blast from the Past" was the award winning exhibit in question. Just click the link on the right to see David's picture >>


The Mansfield College Plaque

Recently one of our Redbridge Marquetry Group members brought an amazing marquetry plaque into one of our regular Wednesday meetings.

We all had a look at it, but other than being told it was known as the Mansfield Plaque, we couldn't work out just what it was meant to commemorate. We have had a few educated guesses, but other than that I'm afraid we are stumoped!

If you think you can provide us with an answer we would be most pleased to hear from you. Click the link on the right and see what you can make of it >>

"Marquetry Plaque"

2012 Dovecote Exhibition Marquetry Award Winning Picture

At the recent Art Exhibition held in the famous Dovecote Galleries, one of our Redbridge Marquetry Group members achieved a highly placed award with a marquetry double portrait.

The double portrait in question was of the famous 1950's and '60's comedy duo of Tony Hancock and Sid James. The portrait is titled "East Cheam's Finest Sons", and it refers to their ficticious home address of 26 Railway Cuttings, East Cheam.

To see this excellent portrait from the Dovecote Exhibition just click the link on the right >  


2012 Dovecote Galleries Exhibition

We have just held a very successful Marquetry Exhibition at the Dovecote Galleries situated in the grounds of famous Valentines Mansion.

We recruited several new members to our ranks and we must have had quite a few thousand art enthusiasts visit the exhibition over its four week run.

To see some photos from our Dovecote Exhibitions just click the link on the right >  


Flattening Buckled Veneers Tutorial

Alf Murtell, (our very own Mr Dynamite!) has produced yet another tutorial for us. This tutorial is one that 'umpteen visitors have requested - it is the one that demonstrates how to flatten buckled and warped veneers. There are a few "ingredients" required for the process - they are all listed at the bottom of the tutorial - and, you will find that they are all easily available.

Short Cut

Bleaching Veneers Tutorial

Our Alf Murtell did our Redbridge Group a superb demonstration of bleaching techniques last week and we have recorded the demonstration as a tutorial.
We have transcribed the full dialogue for you and included it as the text for that same tutorial - we hope you like this approach because we think it adds a more "being there" feel to the demonstration, you could almost feel that you are there at the demonstration with us!.

Short Cut

Sending Enquiries

We are pleased to say that our editorial team is keeping very busy with replying to, and answering, your e-mail questions and enquiries. Thanks for sending them in, we appreciate your interest in our web site. We are always available to answer your marquetry questions. All you need to do is just click on the "Contact Us" button at the left hand side of this page and use the pre-addressed link to send us an e-mail, it's that easy!

Short Cut

E-Mailing Us

If you are unable to get to one of our meetings but would like to "have a chat" with us, please feel free to e-mail our editorial team  and our team will send you a friendly (and hopefully useful!) reply if you would like one. In the meantime, keep visiting this web site for all the latest news from the Redbridge Marquetry Group.

Our e-mail address is:  info@marquetry.org

Short Cut
Last Updated
1st February 2024


Please note: The information and tutorials available on this web site are as accurate and true in as far as it is possible for us to make them from within the limits of our own resources. In particular our tutorials are intended as guidelines and merely offer you our way of working, if you disagree with their principles, or you consider they are inappropriate for your circumstances we would advise you to consult with the appropriate authorities for further information. For your own safety do take adequate precautions when using marquetry equipment such as cutting knives, adhesives, presses and varnishes etc. Do not use any volatile substances, such as those described, in enclosed spaces where the vapours could affect your health, in all cases be aware for your personal safety and take the necessary precautions.