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Marquetry Tutorials on the Big Screen at Redbridge

Peter White Marquetry Tutorial DVDs help Redbridge Beginners

Our Redbridge Group has recently begun showing the Peter White Marquetry Tutorial DVDs on the big screen at our rooms which have really benefitted our beginners. .

These tutorial DVDs are a first class way of seeing the intricate work up close and in full detail. Not only has it benefitted our beginners, our seasoned marquetarians have also learnt a lot from Peter's superb instructions.

The series of tutorial DVDs range from beginner's level up to advanced premier level and all stages in between. The photos below are just a handful of screen shots taken from the beginner's tutorial DVD. Well worth watching.

Peter cuts the letters

Above: Peter begins to cut the design and letter for the pen and pencil box
Peter glues the letter in place

Above: Peter is fitting the letter "M" into the space (or window) cut ready for it
Assembling the design

Above: Peter is finishing the marquetry decoration for the box
The finished marquetry decorated box

Above: The finished marquetry decorated pen and pencil box