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The 2019 International Marquetry Exhibition

Held at Middleton Hall, Warwickshire

Here are the award winning exhibits from the Redbridge Marquetry Group as seen at the last one of the International Marquetry Exhibitions in 2019. We hope you find them as enjoyable as we do..

Above: "Alec Cushway's marquetry interpretation of the 1st World War sand picture"
This picture achieved first in class

Horse and Jockey
Above: "Alec Cushway's marquetry interpretation of a Horse and Jockey"
This picture achieved a Highly Commended award in its class
My Little Chickadee
Above: My Little Chickadee
A Highly Commended award by Alan Mansfield

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We thought you would like to see these excellent examples of pictorial marquetry as exhibited at the recent 2019 International Marquetry Exhibition. The high quality of these pictures just goes to show the fantastic pictorial quality marquetry has reached these days. Most impressive to say the least!