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Our Inter-Group Competition revisited

Held at the Redbridge Marquetry Group premises

A couple of years ago we held an inter-group marquetry competition between St. Albans, Chelmsford and ourselves. This proved to be a very popular evening and was enjoyed by all. As this present covid nuisance is preventing us from meeting we haven't been able to bring you any particularly new adventures of the Redbridge Marquetry Group for several months now. However, we still meet every week online via a Zoom meeting, but as you will appreciate, this is nowhere near the same as meeting each other face to face. Hopefully 2021 will see this sad sitauation reverse - we've all got our fingers crossed. Anyway, we hope you will enjoy this little revisitation of an earlier very enjoyable evening.

A lovely Redbridge evening sky
Above: It was a lovely "painterly" sky that evening - "Turner-esque" as they say!

Tom and Alec working away
Above: Tom, Alec and John work at their exhibits
Jean does delicate work
Above: Jean is getting a good one underway
Ron deep into his work
Above: Ron is progressing well
Competition exhibits lined up
Above: A long line of "Photo Frame" competition pieces is lined up
Inspecting the exhibits
Above: The Judging takes place
Dave announces the winners
Above: Redbridge's Dave Walker prepares to announce the winners
Two Redbridge exhibits
Above: Two of our Redbridge Marquetry Group competition pieces

We thought you may enjoy seeing some photos from easier times taken from our Redbridge Group archives. Hopefully those times will return in the New Year with the introduction of a covid vaccine - we certainly hope so. In the meantime we will see what else we can find in our archives to interest you.