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Capital Crispin Veneers

Photos courtesy of Lesley Ross - artist & photographer

Our Redbridge Marquetry Group editorial team recently paid a visit to Capital Crispin Veneers in order to prepare an article for the Marquetry Society's magazine The Marquetarian.

Our team were very impressed with what they found veneer wise, and, with the friendliness and helpfulness of the Capital Crispin staff, in fact so much so that we just couldn't resist bringing you a little sample from the many photographs taken by our Redbridge Group's resident photographer extraordinaire Lesley Ross.

 For a marquetarian, going into this building is akin to entering Aladdin's Cave - it is a literal eye opener!

If you love wood and the wonderful appearance of exotic and other spectacular veneers - you won't do better than visiting Capital Crispin Veneers and treating yourself to something nice - we did!!!

Front Entrance

Above: Main entrance to Capital Crispin Veneers

Stacks of Veneers

Above: A "small" stack of veneers!

Burr Carbuncle

Above: A burr (burl) carbuncle still on the tree trunk