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The Mansfield Plaque

An unusual marquetry plaque associated with Mansfield College at Oxford University

little while ago one of our Redbridge Marquetry Group members brought along a rather large and unusual marquetry plaque to one of our usual Wednesday group meetings.

The only information we had on this plaque was that it was associated with Mansfield College at Oxford University and that it appeared to commemorate something to do with 1939 - 1945. As these were the World War 2 years, we presumed it was something to do with Mansfield College scholars and their participation in those war years, but other than that assumption, we know no more. 

The Mansfield Plaque
Above: The Mansfield Plaque

Star Emblem

Above: The 'Star' section from the left side of the plaque

Crown Emblem

Above: The Crown emblem from the 'Star' section

The plaque is well over a metre and a half in width and has a most wonderful abundance of Oyster veneers in evidence. There are a copious amount of Mother of Pearl crosses dotted about the plaque, although, from close observation we would say they appear to be located in what we would assume to be 'theatres of war'.

As you may have guessed, the plaque is set out to represent mostly Europe and associated areas of conflict in the 1939 - 1945 war period. This virtually confirms the plaque's connection with the events of those war years, but, as we said, we have no further knowledge of its original intentions.

If anyone can help us out with information regarding this noble plaque we would be immensely grateful to learn what it really does represent. Do please get in touch if you can enlighten us. Thanks for your help.