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A Marquetry Press
by David Walker

of the most useful and important pieces of equipment that a Marquetarian can possess is a press. It causes a lot of heartache having spent a long time on your masterpiece and failing to lay the picture successfully onto the baseboard.

I have used a variety of methods from G-clamps to placing weights like the sewing machine on top of the protected picture, to jacking the car up on a dry day and lowering it onto the protected picture.

All of these had a moderate success but you cannot beat a properly made press unless you can afford a vacuum press.

The press described below can be made cheaply and is certainly within the skills of most Marquetarians.


Four cross members and one of the press plates.
The identical items are used for the top & bottom
sections of the press
8 x long coach bolts are fitted to the bottom
plate assembly as seen here
The top press plate and two packs of paper wadding
are added to the component list for the press
The packs of wadding are now in place with two sheets of protective plastic sheet placed in between to prevent glue seepage sticking the marquetry picture to the paper wadding packs
The top cross members have now been added prior to the wing nuts being fitted on the coach bolts.
The marquetry picture will have been placed between the two
protective plastic sheets in the wadding package
The assembled press with the marquetry picture placed in the middle of the
plastic sheet and wadding package.
The wing nuts have been fitted and the whole assembly has been tightened
sufficiently to apply a good and even pressure across the picture's entire surface.
Note that the cross members are tapered from the centre out to both edges to
ensure that the pressure gets applied to the middle section of the picture first.
This distributes and exudes excess glue to prevent glue pockets forming.
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