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Reparing Damaged Photos
by Alf Murtell
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This page will mean most to readers of the Marquetarian magazine. It shows the progression of a very sorry looking photo of a first world war soldier and his wife on the eve of his embarkation to the battlefields of Ypres in France. The photo, as you will see, was not only cleaned up, it was coloured as well. We hope you like the transformation.
If you wish to find out how it was all done you will have to join the Marquetry Society and read the article in the Marquetarian magazine, I'm afraid there is no other way!!
(Tee hee, little rascal ain't I !!!)

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Fred and Min 1
Untouched scan of
the photo

Fred and Min 2
Histogram and levels of the
photo have been adjusted

Fred and Min 3
Corners and tears have ben
cloned and repaired

Fred and Min 4
Remaining tears and
scratches repaired

Fred and Min 5
The sepia colour has
now been rebalanced

Fred and Min 6
Some intial colour
has been added

Fred and Min 7
Shading has been
Fred and Min 8
The final finished
colour portrait
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