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Video Clips From Alf's Tutorials
by Alf Murtell
Animation Alf tutorials 3

The "stills" on this page are included so as to accompany the preceding geometric design tutorials.
We hope you find them helpful in demonstrating the techniques described in the tutorials.

Alf with veneer example Board with angle
Using the set square Using spacers for accuracy
Cutting chess board strips Alf gives more advice
Alf cuts right angle across strips Cutting diagonals across chess board

Finished chess pattern Cutting diagonals across chess board
Diagonal strips  Demo of cut strip 
Alf lays out pattern  Making 60 dg cuts 
Cutting Louise cube pieces  Finished Louise cubes 
These "Alf's stills" pages have shown you how Alf actually made his geometric designs. The photos show you the practical methods Alf used to achieve his finished marquetry pieces. We hope you've found them helpful 
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