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Peter Jones' Gallery
Peter Jones, as you will see on the Fine Lines tutorial page, is our very own master of the fine line work here at the Redbridge Marquetry Group. Peter learnt a lot of his craft legendary marquetry practitioner Eric Horne.

Peter says that to get a clean "fine line" you have to insert your "fine line" piece of veneer into the slit you have cut, with great care. It is so easy to be deceived by the "glue line" giving you the impression that the fine line is already in place - so, therefore our advice is to follow Peter's instructions as given on the previous page.

To see a really wonderful example of fine line work at it's best, take a look at Peter's picture of a Fox that he has done in the style of a Rembrandt pen and ink sketch from the Renaissance period.
Peters fox picture jpg 1 

Peter's Fox - a fine line tour de force

Peter has also included some more fine line work which can be seen in the photo of his Marquetry Fireplace in the illustration below. The two panels above the actual fire grate contain pictures of two wine glasses each. They are a little difficult to see in this photo because it has been taken at a little distance, but if you look carefully you should be able to see them.
By the way, Peter has another talent, and that is "Home made wine making". I can verify the high quality of Peter's wine after having sampled it on several occasions - hic! sorry about that, do excuse me!!
Peters marquetry fireplace 2 
Peter's marquetry fireplace

Peter's marquetry fireplace (detailed view)

Peters Curiosity Shop 1 jpg 
Peter's version of the Old Curiosity Shop

Peters croc 1 jpg 
Peter's Crocodile with his unsuspecting lunch

Peters Croc work in progress 5 
Peter's Crocodile picture in progress of construction

Peters Tiger plus ds 8 

A detail from Peter's award winning Tiger picture
The full picture can be seen in our Gallery page 2