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Bill Kober's Gallery
Bill Kober, who is one of our premier marquetarians at the Redbridge Marquetry Group, has produced a gallery full of marquetry pictures all on his own over the years.
Bill has the ability to cut beautifully considered marquetry pictures where the grain flow of the veneers is given due attention. The care Bill gives to this important detail is self evident in the harmonious merging of the many veneers Bill uses for his pictures.
We know you will enjoy this small selection from Bill's marquetry output 
London Knights Loggo jpg 2 
Bill's picture of the "London Knights Ice Hockey Team" shield

Poor Mouse jpg 2 
This picture is titled "Poor Mouse" - which is about to be
devoured for dinner by the look of things!

Crested Tit jpg 2 
This picture is called "Crested Tit"

The picture below is Bill's "Nude Study" which wonderfully demonstrates Bill's careful matching of light coloured veneers in the pursuit of skin tones.
Bill says that he has mostly used Sycamore for the model and that he achieved the subtle changes of tone and shaping by rotating the grain pattern so that only small variations of light and dark are achieved. This style of veneer selection certainly works in this picture - if Bill had used different species of veneer for the model I don't think he would have achieved such superb results.
We have to say that we think that this Nude Study of Bill's demonstrates superbly the subtleties of tone achieved just by rotating your veneer slightly for shadow and reflection effects. Nicely judged there Bill
Nude Study jpg 2