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Tools of the Trade
On this page are displayed the gamut of the tools used by the marquetarian.

You do not need to amass the full kit as shown here to participate in marquetry, but if you do consider acquiring these tools you will be prepared for all marquetry eventualities, especially the "finishing" side of the art.
Set square 
Carpenter's set square
A must for every marquetarian to determine the
accuracy of the base boards, picture, etc
Circle Cutter
Circle Cutter
Very useful for cutting small circles,
larger versions are available
Magnifying Head Band 
Magnifying Head Band
A magnifying glass which you wear in the same manner
as goggles. These are ideal for small work.
Mortice Gauge 
Mortice Gauge
Useful for marking out for stringers and banding.
Usedin conjunction with the scratch stock.
Scratch Stock 
Scratch stock
For cutting channels for stringers and banding
Close up view of scratch stock 
Scratch stock blade
A close up view of the cutter blade
Over view of saws 
Selection of marquetry saws
Veneer, fret and piercing saws
Veneer saw close up of teeth 
Veneer saw
Used for clean and straight cutting of veneer
Veneer saw close up of teeth
Veneer saw
Close up view of saw teeth
Veneer Hammer 
Veneer hammer
Used in a zig zag manner to apply veneer
Plastic handle and blade 
Plastic scalpel handle
Gives good control when cutting veneer
Oil Stone and case 1 
Oil stone & box
Good for sharpening cutting blades
Sanding block and cork 1 
Sanding block and Cork
For flattening marquetry pictures
Seam Roller 
Seam roller
Useful for flattening small areas
Straight edges 
Maun safety ruler (top)
Designed to prevent harm to your digits
Straight edges 2
Straight edge (bottom) & tweezers (middle)
 Good for straight lines and small pieces

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