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Meet some more of the illustrious members that go to make up our Redbridge group.

You are looking over the shoulder of Stan Rowe who is our master of the applied category.

Stan has also developed methods of producing his very own coloured veneers by using some unorthodox methods, we will have to try and see if we can get Stan to describe his methods for you.

Stan Rowe
Eric Nye

And here we have Eric Nye.

You may have noticed several of Eric's beautifully cut pictures in our gallery.

Eric's jewellery boxes are legendary, with, not only superb marquetry designs adorning them, they also have delicate marquetry work internally.

Meet Chas Thurston who, not only is a very accomplished marquetarian, he is also a very authoritative historian in his own right.

Chas is a very learned fellow on all matters historical and is very well read on the subject.

Chas Thurton
Dave pic 1
Click Dave's photo to
see it in more detail
The photo on the left is a little example of the 'biter bit'. It is of our photographer Dave Walker who is normally hidden on the other side of the camera and doesn't usually appear in any Redbridge photos, but we have got him 'trapped' in this instance. Dave is seen in this photo sitting at his marquetry table in the "back room" of his comfortable and welcoming home. Dave is also our group secretary and I have to say, he does a sterling job of the task.

Dave has recently written an article for this web site encompassing the difficult subject of mitres and stringers and borders.

Generally those parts of the marquetry art are the subjects most practitioners of the craft find most awkward (along with the varnishing side of marquetry) but Dave, with his unique way of teaching marquetry, has made the whole process seem very easy to comprehend. So it's a job well done there Dave, thanks from all of us for your wonderfully informative tutorial.

By the way, Dave has won loads of awards for his marquetry pictures at the Marquetry Society's National Exhibitions over the last several years. Excellent work there Dave!.

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