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Meet some more of the illustrious members that go to make up our Redbridge group.
A goodly gathering of Redbridge marquetarians debating the finer points of the art of marquetry.

You can quite clearly discern that they are working out the designs for winning the Rosebowl at a forthcoming National Exhibition.

Will it be spear point cutting or delicate sand shading that "wins the day" for them?
Marquetry chat
Peter Jones

This chap is our champion of the fine line work. There is a knack to doing fine line work and Peter Jones here is our master of the art. He has created pictures that are derived purely from fine lines. To see some of his work have a look in the Gallery section, you will be impressed.

(Click this link for Peter's own description of how he achieves his incredible fine line details and the methods he uses to accomplish the task)

Horrie Pedder advises Alan Mansfield with his wisdom of experience garnered from many years of winning top awards in the highly competitive world of marquetry.

Our Horrie is one of the most renown marquetarians involved in the art, he is respected universally in the world of marquetry.

Horrie and Alan
Vicky Zammit Meet Vicky, she has just progressed up the ladder of marquetry achievements by winning first in her class at Redbridge and in so doing has propelled herself up into the higher echelons of the marquetry fraternity.
This is Ken who keeps the register of members here at Redbridge.

Ken is another of the long serving members of the Marquetry Society, he also started his marquetry career in the very early days alongside our Tom Brewer who was mentioned in the first page of this section.

Ken Daniels
Ken and Derek
Derek Batts and Ken Hinson get down to working on some more award winning marquetry pictures for the next Marquetry Society National Exhibition.

Derek and Ken have both moved up into higher categories in the marquetry classes - both winning many awards.


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